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Mind Matters is a Seattle-based jury consulting firm specializing in civil litigation. We apply advanced psychological methodology to assist trial teams and their witnesses throughout all phases of the litigation process.

When it comes to your jury… the mind matters.

To win a jury trial, you must persuade a group of strangers to agree with your position. Inside the courtroom, you may only know these people by faces or numbers. Outside the courtroom, each juror is a unique person, bringing with them a lifetime of experiences, opinions and attitudes. Among a large group of strangers, how do you find those jurors who will be biased against your case? How should you tailor your story to best persuade them you are right and your opponent is wrong?

Mind Matters is here for you.

Long before the trial begins, we will help you craft your case story and establish effective themes to guide you through discovery and into the courtroom. From the first witness deposition to interviewing jurors after the case is closed, Mind Matters will be by your side to present your case effectively and select the best possible jury for your venue.

“Among a large group of strangers, how do you find those jurors who will be biased against your case?”

Mind Matters is your Pacific Northwest jury selection specialist.

How people think varies by county, region and state. Based upon your venue, we will share our insights to help you best understand the local jury pool.

Medical Malpractice, Product Liability, Intellectual Property, Product Liability and more...

In the past 20 years, our consultants have worked on thousands of cases involving virtually every type of civil legal matter in State and Federal Courts.

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